Floor Care


Water Based Finish

  • Walkable: – 3 hours
  • Furniture: 24 hours
  • Area Rugs: 7 days

Oil Based Finish

  • Walkable: 12-24 hours
  • Furniture: 48 hours
  • Area Rugs: 14 days


  • Felt Pads: Don’t let furniture and chairs scratch & gouge your floor. Put Felt pads under everything.
  • No Dust Build Up: Settled & built up dust causes scratches when walked on. Dry dust your floor with a hardwood floor mop frequently.
  • No Water: Don’t let water sit on your floor as it will eat away at your finish. Use a microfiber wood floor mop head, rinse in water and ring out well for a light damp mop.
  • Apply Bona-Kemi hardwood floor cleaner – times a month.
  • Purchase a Floor Doctor Protection Plan


Your floor will look beautiful and can stay beautiful for a very long time but don’t let it get too thin. Every environment is different from dogs to kids to kitchens and chickens. All the daily walking, dust, scratches, sunlight and normal wear and tear is constantly making your floor finish thinner. Re-Coating before damage get’s to the wood level is highly important to protecting your investment & time. Once you start seeing noticeable scratching, dullness and imperfections, schedule a check up and we’ll stop out and let you know if it’s ready for a Re-coat.

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