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Do Hardwoods Add Value?

Thinking about replacing/refinishing your floors? Is it worth the cost? According to, homeowners and renters across the United States prefer hardwood floors as their flooring of choice. 

But is it worth the cost? The national average cost to have your hardwoods refinished is $2-$4/sqft and with 1000sqft of hardwoods, that bill hurts. Here are some statistics that might help you decide on whether to leave the pee stained carpet or not:

1.) Sell Faster. Through a national homebuyers survey, concluded that 82% of homes sell faster and for more money. 

2.) Renters Want It. HGTV conducted a similar study and found that "54% of renters were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring". The cost might be more upfront but if you are trying rent (and fill your space quickly), hardwood floors bring a "wow" factor that carpet just can't. 

3.) Carpet is cheaper...and lasts 15 years max. With the average cost to have carpet installed is $3-$5/sqft, carpet is the much less expensive option....upfront. Even the best carpet has a life expectancy of ~15years. That is with regular maintenance, no animals, and kids. With proper maintenance of hardwood floors, they can last more than a lifetime. 

Hardwood floors have been used since the 1600's and will continue to be used for the rest of time with its natural feel, easy of maintenance, and customizability.