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4 Reasons Why You Should Paint After Refinishing Your Floors

One of the number one questions we receive from our customers is "should we paint before or after we have our floors refinished"?

Great question!

Refinishing hardwood floors is a major undertaking when it comes to construction projects. Our technicians have to maneuver 180lbs+ machines in tight areas, leaning against walls is sometimes required for awkward positions, and dust is a real thing. 

Here are 4 reasons quick why you should paint after we refinish your floors:

  1. Bumps/Nicks: Our edgers bump against base boards. While 95% of the time the shoe molding will cover these nicks, sometimes the base boards will get bumped. A little paint will cover these marks no problem.
  2. Staining: We do everything we can to prevent stain from getting on the base boards. We tape door jams, keep stain under the height of the shoe molding, and take our time with precision. Sometimes, it will get higher than the shoe, requiring some paint
  3. Sweaty Bodies: Our technicians are maneuvering heavy 180lbs+ drum machines. They are hand scraping corners in closets. It is hard to prevent bumping up against a wall due to the complexity of refinishing. Painting after solves this problem.
  4. Shoe Molding/Quarter Round: When we remove and replace shoe molding, the base boards have to be re-caulked and painted. Why do this before refinishing your floors?

While it is completely your decision to choose when to paint or not too, we hope this helps in your decision making.